Advanced solutions for scientific journals

Manuscripts submission and peer-review + publishing platform

Integration with scientific databases (ORCID, Publons, Crossref, iThenticate, Portico, DOAJ and more)
Over 350.000 users from 120 countries
Individual configuration for each journal
System helps Authors with the fast and easy manuscripts submission in regard to specific journal requirements.
Reviewers get deadline notifications and may smoothly send the manuscript's evaluation.
Editors can easily manage the manuscripts workflow, peer review and editorial office processing of the papers.
Additional production module supports pre-publication stages management of the accepted manuscripts.
Editorial System is integrated with our publishing platform Journals System that provides hosting for your scientific journal website.
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Editorial System has been integrated with ORCID and is certified under the best practices defined for Manuscript Submission Systems.
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Editorial System is a very easy and user-friendly tool. It allows for fast submitting of a new paper by the Author, and fast processing of this paper by the Editor. What is more it has a few very useful solutions, which are not available in other online submission managers.
Prof. Maciej Banach
Archives of Medical Science
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